Friday, January 18, 2013

LFR Loot Improvements

Come on, you had to know when I got back into blogging about my time in World of Warcraft, I’d get around to loot.

On Ghostcrawler’s twitter account , @Ghostcrawler , he was asked if he felt LFR gave out loot often enough. The crab responded.

The numbers work fine overall. I do wish there was a fix for perennially unlucky players, which couldn't be exploited. 

Well, Ghostcrawler ole buddy I’m glad you asked. I've got two suggestions.

First suggestion: The Gallywix Coin

The Gallywix Coin would be a special coin introduced to the game. The coin is named after Trade Prince Gallywix, the leader of the Goblins. Gallywix ain't the type to roll the dice and hope for an epic reward. He’s the kind of guy that would stack the deck in his favor, big time.

Basically, a Gallywix Coin would be a guaranteed loot drop. You spend the coin, you are going to get something off the boss. I would set the price at 5 Elder Charms plus 4000 gold. There is no way I see Gallywix getting on board with this without you handing over some scratch.

Essentially, it let’s players choose if they want to trade in 5 shots that might or might not give you loot for one shot that definitely will give you loot.

 So what you have to ask yourself is, do you feel lucky, punk?

Second suggestion: Lady Luck Buff (Blizzard later implemented something very similiar!)

Speaking of luck (segue ho!), my second suggestion is all about luck.The truth is that it stinks to go a long time with no rewards coming from LFR, especially if that is your only or even primary means of gearing up your character.

The way I see the Lady Luck Buff working would be every time you looted a boss, but only got some gold, you would get a stack of the buff. Each stack would increase your chance of getting loot by some percentage, let’s say 5%. Once you got loot, then your buff resets to zero. The developers would have the option of making this an invisible buff so they could implement and the player base would never know. Come to think of it, it could already be implemented in some form, but they have kept it a secret like the ancient aliens.



Anyway, I actually think it would be more fun if they made it a visible buff. Can you imaging the epic stories.

“Dude, I got no loot and I have 90% Lady Luck!” 

Maybe the Developers could even put in an achievement for getting your Lady Luck buff up to 100%. They could have it award a title The Unlucky.

I think both of these suggestions would address Ghostcrawler’s desire to help out perennially unlucky players, and I don’t see how either one could be exploited. But I know you guys are much smarter than ole Honorshammer so let me know what you think of these two suggestions and also let me know how either could be exploited.
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